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on 08 August 2016
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Teaching responsibility and independence in a child is a whole long process, but starting it early will make learning (it) more enduring. This school year, SSIS embarks on a tighter way of teaching our students a better sense of responsibility and independence through the implementation of some school rules and policies that we actually have been executing even before but in some challenging cases people have been getting away with it.


On a parallel view, the school’s certifying organization for ISO standards in their last visit presented to us several observations for improvements particularly on safety and security. This prompted us to ensuring a few policies be put into strict operation. 

Thus, we thought of 3 very important acronyms that we consider our new friends so that we are reminded of our duties and responsibilities. They are BOB, CHONA and NELSON.


BOB (Bring Own Bag)

In the morning and during dismissal, our security and maintenance team will have to focus on their primary tasks of guarding and cleaning the school. This is where BOB comes in. BOB means Bring (your) Own Bags. BOB advocates that our security and maintenance personnel will no longer be expected to open your doors or trunks, and carry & bring down the student’s bags, as practiced. For older or bigger students (Grade School & High School), we would like to train them to Bring their Own Bags; this promotes independence and healthy exercise as well. For the younger ones who take a bit longer in getting down from the car and carrying their bags, we suggest that the car be brought to the parking first so that we can have a lighter traffic flow at the drop off area. After which, you can walk with your child going to the campus lobby.

NELSON (No Excuse Letter, Sorry Oh No!)

The school cares so much for your child’s safety and security. This is the reason why we have the fetching policy that only authorized fetchers can pick up a student. Thus, in cases when you or the authorized fetcher are not available to pick up your child, please make sure that you write us a letter or you note it in your child’s diary. We will also not allow your child to go home with another student if there is no written advice to the school even if you have verbally informed the security guard as you bring your child in the morning or you have already made an arrangement with the parent of your child’s classmate. Those students who commute particularly from high school must submit a letter of permission to the school from their parents.

CHONA (Calling Home, Office Not Allowed)

The two (2) common reasons why students call home are on (1.) fetching and (2.) school requirement(s) he forgot to bring. We want our kids to be responsible, organized and disciplined. He must learn to plan and prepare ahead so that he gives his parents the accurate time that he has to be fetched and/or he does not forget anything at home. Every child is given a class schedule at the start of school and an (AWP) Academic Weekly Planner every Friday. Schedules, activities and things to bring are all written in the AWP. If there are changes in schedule the teacher informs everyone ahead through a Diary entry. Thus, students who wish to be Calling their Home and your Office are Not Allowed to do so.



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