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Become competent learners

Become Competent Learners 

  • Perform to international standards in the core subjects
  • Solve problems and complete tasks using multi-disciplinary and higher order thinking skill
  • Integrate knowledge and experiences from different subject areas and apply them in real-life situations
  • Express ideas clearly and effectively in oral and written communication
  • Apply information technology literacy skills


  • Engage in projects and activities using basic knowledge and skills in business management, entrepreneurship, investment and personal finance management
  • Use functional communication skills in at least one foreign language, aside from English and the mother tongue
  • Demonstrate understanding of responsibility for environmental, local and global issues
  • Use variety of lifelong learning strategies and practical skills for life and survival
  • Use research skills to broaden one's knowledge and validate one's ideas

Character and values - driven persons

  • Demonstrate respect for oneself and others
  • Demonstrate responsibility and discipline
  • Build positive relationship
  • Manifest integrity, self-control and thruthfulness

Committed Achievers

  • Set specific, realistic and challenging goals
  • Accomplish tasks and goals with discipline, determination and sense of urgency
  • Produce quality output
  • Strive for excellence and continuous improvement

Collaborative team leaders/members

  • Demonstrate respect for differences in acceptance of cultures, ideas, opinions, and beliefs
  • Show cooperation and teamwork
  • Handle and resolve conflicts effectively 
  • Actively participate in community service
  • Promote international understanding and global peace
  • Actively participate in decision-making processes

Creative Thinkers

  • Apply varied problem-solving processes to real life situations
  • Employ innovative strategies and explore new challenges
  • Challenge the process to become more effective

What to See and Do?


The aesthetic and ambiance of the classroom spark the interest of a child to study and learn. SSIS Batangas classrooms are print-rich, decorated with different materials that will help in the learning of students.

Physics Laboratory

It is in this laboratory that students step into a scientist’s role- asking questions, performing procedures, collecting and analyzing data, answering questions, and thinking of new knowledge to explore.