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Admission of SSIS students from Nursery to High School is based on the age of the student, assessment test results, interview results, academic performance in the former school and accomplished application forms.

Subsequent to filling out the inquiry sheet, applicant will be asked for the schedule of the desired assessment. Right after the assessment result, applicant will be interviewed either by the Deputy Principal, Head of Student Services or the Registrar.

Step 1:

  • Filling-out of Admission forms (Other forms may be electronically downloaded for filling out)

Step 2:

  • Assessment Exam/Test (Written and Visual Assessment tests will be administered by the Testing Center)

Step 3:

  • Interview and Discussion of the Assessment Results (The student together with his/her parents and the Deputy Principals will have a short interview to get to know more about from each other)

Step 4:

  • Enrollment (Upon completion of requirements and upon recommendation of the Deputy Principal and the Guidance Counselor)

For Nursery, Pre-Kindergarten, Junior Kindergarten

  • Age requirement
    2 years old for Nursery (as of June 1)
    3 years old for Pre-Kindergarten (as of June 1)
    4 years old for Junior Kindergarten (as of June 1)
  • Application Form
  • 2 pieces of 2 x 2  pictures
  • PIQ Form
  • Assessment Test with Fee of Php1000.00

For Senior Kindergarten, Grade School and High School (Junior and Senior High School)

  • Age requirement
    5 years old for Senior Kindergarten (as of June 1)
  • Application Form
  • 2 pieces of 2 x 2 pictures
  • PIQ Form
  • Assessment Test with fee of Php1000.00
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character
  • Certificate of Enrollment
  • Original Report Card
  • Certificate of Completion (Junior High School)
  • Recommendation Letters from Guidance Counselor, School Principal and/or Class Adviser (High School)

For Foreign Students

  • Photocopy of Passport
  • Parents' Picture
  • Special Study Permit and Alien Certification Registration (A.C.R.) Card

Requirements for Enrollment

  • N.S.O. Certified Birth Certificate
  • Pre-Admission Report from a Physician and Immunization Record
  • Photocopy of Passport(if any)