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The Financial Literacy Talk (FLT) is a program that is designed to increase the students’ awareness on the proper use of their funds/money. It will enable them to plan, make, save, spend, and invest their money in different avenues for them to know the worth of the funds that they value. In other words, it aims to make the students financially literate.

It follows the principle that: the key to building great wealth is having great knowledge to act on and great wisdom to know which course of action is the best.

With this, the program will be in a form of seminar-lecture type of discussion for the students from grades 3 – 10 which will focus on seven major areas:
1. Earning Income – Work to Earn
2. Buying Goods and Services – Think First before Buying / Spend Less than you Earn
3. Saving – If you Save, You are Safe
4. Borrowing – Pay on Time
5. Investing – Make Your Money Grow
6. Insuring – Protect your Future Today
7. Developing Character and Discipline – Begin with Yourself

The seminar on FLT will be for 15 – 20 minutes. It will be held once a month - every last Monday (Assembly time) of each month for Grades 3 – 6 and last Tuesday for Grades 7 – 10. The SAH of Business and the Business subject teachers will be facilitating the said program from July 2014 – March 2015 with alternating focus on the above areas.

The first FLT seminar will happen on June 30 and July 5, with Tr. Sharon Fabaliña, the Business SAH as the speaker. (Article courtesy of Tr. Sharon Fabaliña)

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