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Living the culture of reading excellence and academic success, the Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI) Pre-Test will be administered in SSIS on June 30 and July 1, 2014.

What is SRI? The SRI is a classroom based management program designed to evaluate the students’ reading ability, monitor students’ reading progress, and match students to books at their reading levels.

The computer-aided SRI tests involve reading a series of short passages taken form fiction and non-fiction books and articles. After each passage, the student is asked to complete a fill-in-the blank type of assessment. The tests take about 20-30 minutes based on the students’ pace.

The SRI supports the school’s Assessment and Enrichment Program (AEP), implemented during the class library period. In AEP, students learn skills such as comparing and contrasting, identifying plot, characters, and setting, identifying main ideas, and the like.

The SRI Test results are reported using a readability measurement called Lexile. The Lexile score is used to assess a student’s reading ability as well as to find books which are appropriate to the student’s reading level.

What is Lexile? Lexile refers to a measurement of reading abilities based on the Lexile Framework for Reading, a nationally accepted scale designed to measure text and reading abilities. Lexile scores are used by educators not only to measure and track a child’s reading ability and progress, but also to help them choose appropriate reading material for their reading abilities, hence allowing them to gain practice reading without becoming frustrated by the material.

An individual’s Lexile score is determined by administering a test that measures both recognition and comprehension of text. The scale for Lexile score ranges from 200L for beginning readers to 1700L for advanced readers. Once a child’s scale is determined, teachers and parents can refer to a list of books that are within the child’s reading ability based on the Lexile score.

Frequent reading has been proven to boost academic success, so the selection of proper reading material may help a child to succeed in school by reinforcing independent reading.

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