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SSIS Raises Charitable Kids through Habitat for Humanity

Wrtitten by Don
on 28 November 2016
Created: 28 November 2016
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Charity begins at home, and it grows in school.

Last year, the SSIS community raised over a hundred thousand for the Habitat for Humanity Foundation and this year, and the following years, the SSIS community will help the foundation raise funds for its beneficiaries

Mateo Jaime Bautista, an AlumKnight and Direct Marketing Officer of Habitat for Humanity Philippines visited SSIS and relaunched the Habitat for Humanity Coin Bank Program last November 23, 2016. Similar to last season’s mechanics, the foundation will hand one coin bank per student across levels. The top ten individuals who will contribute the most will receive premium merchandise from the foundation, and the top section to raise funds will be recognized as well. On top of that, a promotional raffle will be held during the opening of the coin banks around March next year. Participants will be entitled to one raffle ticket for every 500 pesos they have in their coin banks.

To make it more exciting for the kids, the coin banks will have a new and revamp design.

Donating for a good cause is the SSIS’s way to give back to the society. Everyone is encouraged to build the future one peso at a time.Giving to charity helps not only the foundation, but the giver as well, as giving carries with it an unimaginable joy and tenfold of blessings.

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