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VK Football Team Exhibits Verve, Finishes First Runner-up

Wrtitten by Alaiza Joice Guinihin
on 28 February 2019
Created: 28 February 2019
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"We were confident because we never thought of losing. We only thought about giving our best and enjoying the game." Thus, said Diesel Chavez, one of the members of the Valiant Knight's Football Varsity Team, who scored the penalty kick which brought the Valiant Knights to the Championship Game of the Football sa Bayan held at Ascom Football Field, Taguig City, last February 24. 




The Valiant Knights’ journey to the Championship Round of the said game was not an easy one, since they had to compete against several other teams. The Valiant Knights went through the challenge of six games in which the thriving players dominated the half.

CONGRATULATIONS to the following students who comprise the SSIS Football Team: Donald John MacIndeor, Renz Victor Francis Portugal, Younseo Nam, Westin Kyle Tan, Peter MacIndeor, Angelo Diomampo, DzakiDzikril Hakim, Christopher Lee Aylward, Angelo Gui, Diesel Chavez, andJohn Phillip Sanchez. Kudos to their coach, Sir Godwin Ugedi!

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