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BE IN THE KNOW:Online Distance Learning

Wrtitten by Anthony Paul Calado
on 20 March 2020
Created: 20 March 2020
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Stonyhurst Southville International School Batangas City Campus (SSIS-B) has always committed itself to the highest ideals of delivering quality international education throughout its 24 years of existence. With its globally-benchmarked curriculum, practices, and innovations, SSIS-B has earned a reputation in Batangas and the Philippines as a premier learning institution that produces Graduates Equipped with the 5Cs who will become Movers of Society (G.E.M.S.).

It is with these ideals in mind that the Management, Faculty, and Staff had vowed to remain steadfast in our commitment to facilitate continuous learning among our students even during this time of the COVID-19 crisis.

We congratulate all our students for having successfully participated in online classes last week. Great job Valiant Knights! You did a great job in managing your learning responsibilities in the different subjects throughout the week. Keep it up!

Likewise, we would like to congratulate and thank the AMAZING PARENTS OF THE VALIANT KNIGHTS for taking on the very challenging (not to mention stressful) task of supervising and monitoring your children's online class activities and responsibilities. You all deserve a commendation for having been able to juggle this task with all your other responsibilities in the family and at work. Stay amazing!

Lastly, let us give a round of applause to the equally amazing teachers and subject area heads who, despite having their own fear about the COVID-19 crisis, had never wavered in their commitment to learning and had shown dedication in facilitating and monitoring the online activities this week. To all the mentors of the Valiant Knights, I salute you and commend you for a productive first week of online distance learning! Keep up the good work!

As we continue on to the second week of the enhanced community quarantine, we had put in place some revisions on the protocols governing the implementation and practice of Online Distance Learning. These had been summarized by the series of infographics below. (DETAILS SHALL BE CONTAINED IN THE BULLETIN THAT WILL BE SENT TO YOU TOMORROW).

These refinements which will take effect beginning Monday, March 23, 2020, are being undertaken to address the feedback that we received from parents, students, and yes, even teachers. The objective of these refinements is to facilitate online distance learning that is "light and easy" and not take too much time of parents from performing all their other responsibilities. In addition, these refinements allow for more manageable and flexible schedule of online classes and submission of outputs. Hopefully, these will allow students (and their parents) to continue learning and become productive and at the same time enjoy being with the rest of the family at home.

We hope that you will be one with us in this endeavor. Together, let us make this work and achieve its intended purpose. Together, as ONE VALIANT KNIGHTS FAMILY OF LEARNERS, let us make it through this COVID-19 crisis with more love and understanding towards each other. Stay safe and healthy Valiant Knights. 


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