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Wrtitten by Anthony Paul Calado
on 21 September 2021
Created: 21 September 2021
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We're on our Day 3 of our School Spirit Week Celebration today. To boost our spirits more, let us learn some practical wellness tips to maintain a positive well-being from one of the Valiant Knight parents who took some time from her busy schedule to share to all of us her personal thoughts and practices on how to stay well and healthy. Thank you so much Mrs. Portugal! God bless you more and more!

 As we face this pandemic, we must be able to keep ourselves afloat from any circumstance or difficulty we will be faced with. The pandemic has had multiple effects on our economy and most importantly our health.During these times, we won’t be able to go out, celebrate, do the things we are all normally doing, so one thing we must learn to do is adjust. We grow even with the limitations that surround us. Find the strength within yourselves and worry less of things we can’t control. There are numerous coping tips that you can practice to keep your body and mind balanced. As humans, we are all considered as social animals, therefore connecting with your loved ones is a vital part that helps support your mental health. It doesn’t always have to be face to face, a simple call, reaching out, could do so much, just knowing that you are all safe, telling stories, and expressing yourselves could benefit remarkably. Another practice is to limit the usage of social media. we get so consumed in all the things we see online such as hate, politics, and any unnecessary judgement that is not needed nor beneficial to our mental states. We forget to live reality and enjoy what is presented right Infront of us. Although there is an understanding that social media helps us communicate, or keep ourselves busy, we must understand that too much of anything is dangerous/bad, why not workout, or take a nature walk, these things would even be greatly helpful in keeping our physical self well taken care of.  There are many things we can do, but what’s most important is to appreciate. There has been a lot of losses this past year but dwelling on that won’t do us any good. Learn to appreciate what we have right now and prepare ourselves for what comes ahead.

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