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WellnessDay by Ms. Alaiza Joice D. Guinihin

Wrtitten by Alaiza Joice Guinihin
on 27 September 2021
Created: 27 September 2021
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With the sometimes seemingly insurmountable amount of work and tasks that we need to deal with everyday, it is necessary to find ways to keep one's well-being and wellness checked from time to time.

Our bodies, as well as our minds, are more than vessels that we need to fill with good things for them to function efficiently and productively. Our bodies and minds, combined with our willpower, are the powerhouse that keeps us going. Keeping oneself healthy is a continuous commitment that each one of us needs to embark on everyday. However, what works best for one, may not work well with another, as staying holistically healthy is a journey of self-discovery as well. Here are some nuggets of wisdom and some ways which I discovered to be effective and vital to keeping myself physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually healthy. 

We always look good, when we feel good about ourselves. Hence, developing a positive self-regard is a must, especially when we are surrounded by the inevitable negativities around us and tempting insecurities within us. Giving myself affirmation from time to time helps me a lot to boost my self-esteem and to stay optimistic which are necessary to keep myself intact most especially during tough times. I would always start my day with some encouraging words for myself and end the day by recognizing even the simplest feats that I have achieved. In that way, I get to have a believer in me. Moreover, I got to realize throughout this journey the importance of listening to the signals that my body sends. We need to listen to our bodies more. We may not often realize it, but our bodies give us signals that we sometimes neglect. More often than not, it lets us know when we need to take that much-deserved rest, it lets us know when we need to replenish our energy through eating, and it lets us know when we need to quench our thirst by hydrating ourselves. Thus, we should listen to our bodies more to stay in the right shape. Lastly, throughout my journey to discovering how to maintain wellness, I realized that understanding the concepts of "connecting", "disconnecting" and "reconnecting is truly integral to achieving one's balance in life. Connecting ourselves to the things that make us feel happy and fulfilled is essential to maintaining good mental and emotional health. Connecting to friends, family members, colleagues, or others who may influence us positively and could enrich our everyday learning experiences should also be kept in mind to remain mentally, spiritually, and emotionally strong. In addition, we should also learn how to disconnect from all the things that serve as our stressors. Some stressors could help us to become more flexible and adaptable, however, too much of it may result in anxiety and depression. Thus, we should learn how to disconnect from these things. Furthermore, there is nothing wrong with taking pauses or breaks from time to time, what’s important is that we know how to reconnect when the time calls for it. That’s why, when we choose to take a break, make sure to find our way back on track and always reconnect. Reconnect to people who we decided to maintain a distance for a while, reconnect to tasks and responsibilities that we decided to pause, and most importantly, find time to reconnect to ourselves.  

In a nutshell, there are three important ways that I do to keep myself from being holistically healthy. First, I make sure to develop and observe positive self-regard. Second, I listen to my body more. Lastly, I embrace the concepts of “connecting”, “disconnecting”, and “reconnecting”. These are also part of the nuggets of learning and wisdom that I got to acquire and pick up throughout my journey to self-discovery. Always remember that being healthy is not only reflected in one's physique. Being healthy also lies in some of the aspects that are not visible to the eyes and may come in the most abstract ways. Hence, always choose to maintain the balance in everything that we do and aim not just to be physically healthy, but to be holistically healthy instead. As mentioned earlier, staying holistically healthy is a continuous journey. Therefore, stay committed to the journey that you've chosen for it will eventually bring you to the destinations that you will surely love. 

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